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The Softub® patented heat recovery system, utilizes the waste heat generated from the pump motor to heat your spa to your desired temperature.  We do this by circulating the water through stainless steel coils that are wrapped around pump housing.

Softub® was green before it was cool.  No harmful VOC's are emitted in the making of our Softub®  We far exceed the stringent requirements of the California Energy Commission as well as other National Energy Regulation Agencies.  Your Softub® doesn't come off an assembly line...it's hand-crafted just for you!

The Softub ® spa has a deceptively simple appearance, but is extremely durable with it's marine-grade exterior, ingenious heat recovery system that keeps water at an ideal temperature using only a standard 120V outlet! Today, Softub® enjoys record-breaking growth across the United States and around the world. A great example are world-class athletes at the Olympic Games have enjoyed it's therapeutic benefits. It has been a recipient of the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award for the 140 as well as the 220 model, and Softub, Inc., has appeared on the “Inc. 500” three years in a row! 

Selling and servicing Softubs in Lancaster, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, Tehachapi, Bakersfield, Kernville, Visalia, Fresno, Clovis and surrounding areas.

I'Deal Softub Spas

HEATS WITH NO HEATER!  ​"The brains behind the Beauty"

Your Softub® can be kept at your desired temperature for about $15.00 per month year-round.  Traditional spas can be up to 75% more in order to keep the spa ready and at the temperature you select.  Many people who have traditional spas have to turn their heating unit off in order to save on the their electricity bills.  With Softub® its ready and waiting for you! Exclusive SmartChip® power monitoring system prevents the pump from turning on if voltage is too low which can cause damage to your pump.  Additionally, the Smartchip® will also reset your Softub® and turn it back on once power levels return to normal.  
What does this technology means to you?

  • No expensive, unreliable heater to fail! 
  • Unsurpassed longevity of your Softub® pump motor, as it is a water-cooled system.
  • Plugs into a standard, dedicated 15 amp outlet.
  • A 120v Spa that can operate both heat and jets simultaneously.

​Why Softub®?


Portability - it is so light it can be easily moved into place.  Softub® has taken easy installation to a new level, making it the most portable, full-featured spa in the world.  Moving?  Take it with you. Installation is so easy, no tools are needed.  Softub® rolls through any standard doorway or gate. 

Weather Resistant - Softub® uses marine-grade vinyl to ensure years and years of enjoyment.  Bring on the rain, sun and snow!

Energy Efficient - At Softub® we developed  our patented Heat Recovery Technology which incorporates the pump motor and heating unit into our single HydroMate™ Unit.

Appearance - We have to say it, we're just good looking!  Softub® is available in 8 different exterior colors that compliment any environment.  Softub® is just beautiful, it's durable!

COMFORTABLE - Softub® is constructed for unsurpassed comfort.  The soft, yet incredibly durable design of the Polybond® interior provides comfort in any position.  No assigned seating or hard, slippery surfaces or hidden depths to navigate.

NO COMPLICATED WIRING OR EXAVATING - These can be very costly.  All you need is a dedicated, 15 amp outlet!