Selling and servicing Softubs in Lancaster, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, Tehachapi, Bakersfield, Kernville, Visalia, Fresno, Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

I'Deal Softub Spas


Remember to remove your filter when the water is warm and hose it off with a garden hose.  The water wand is also a great asset. (see product catalog)  It's best to do this bi-monthly.  Do not remove the filter when the water is cold or the Softub is empty.  The filter ring is only flexible when warm.  You do not want your suction cap (what the filter snaps onto) to break.  It is easily replaceable, but prevention is the name of the game!


We are a Certified Softub Warranty and Repair Center.  Your Softub® comes with a 5 year warranty.(see full warranty on the bottom of the spa products page)  If you need us, we are here to help.  Many of our clients tubs last 10-15 years and can still be repaired or you can trade in towards a new model.  Adam Membreno is our Service Technician.  He also does cleanings when we're in your area doing a trade show.  If you need to send us a motor for service, remove the "pak", leave the hoses and the foam protection with the pak, and ship it UPS in a box similar in size.  No need for extra packaging.  Be sure not to drop the GFI on the cord.  Include your name, address and description of problem along with a $65 service fee. Simply call  our office and pay with a credit card.  The $65 will go towards the repair. 

You can call Adam directly at 661-713-1907.



This is how I got started selling Softubs!  I bought my first Softub® in 1992.  I was pregnant and shopping at the Antelope Valley Fair.  I had sandals on and the salesman said, "kick your shoes off and step in".  He didn't have to ask me twice!  When my feet felt that soft bottom and warm bubbles, I was sold!  I lived in a mobile home at the time and put it on my deck and then moved it in by the fireplace in the winter! Why not? In 1999 my Softub® began making a slight noise in the motor and I called the local Service Center.  It was a simple fix, but I decided to trade it in towards a new one.  I told the guy, "This is the best thing I've ever bought!  It truly has been everything you say it is. Very portable, pennies a day to operate and long lasting."  Of course, he asked, "Why don't you try selling them?"  Wow!  I'd never sold anything but a rum and coke:) (I bar tended for 10 years)  But I guess I could sell something I truly believe in. My first year in business, we sold 100 Softubs! And since then we have been amongst the Top Ten Dealers in the world!  It has been amazing. If you are interested in Softub® sales, or know of an event you would like to see the Softubs at, please contact me. We have portable showrooms in a city near you and all accessories can be shipped directly to your door.  I take pride making our clients happy.  We are a Softub® Family.  If you have a Softub to trade in, give me a call to discuss your options.  You will generally receive $500-$1000 towards your new Softub!  We also sell refurbished Softubs at our local flea market.