I'Deal Softub Spas  "


The Resort 300

With 5 adjustable jets and 2 jets strategically placed to target those hard to reach places, The Resort 300 is the ultimate in luxury.  This model comes standard with a built-in "therapy seat".  This is a slightly raised semi-circle platform that allows for a heightened seat position with 2 of the 7 jets vertically positioned along the liner wall behind the therapy seat.  The Resort 300 accommodates up to 6 people. 

Capacity:  4-6                    Height:  27"
Outer Diameter:  78"         Number of Jets: 7
Inner Diameter:  66"          Gallons:  300

Empty Weight:  80 lbs       Locking lid:  30 lbs

HydroMate  40 lbs             Filled weight:  2744 lbs

Dead weight floor loading 140 lbs per square foot.


This is just how easy a Softub® is to install


​With your purchase, you get the Softub®, HydroMate® Power Pak, Sealed High Density Insulated Cover, Security Locking straps, Underwater LED illumination and Therapy Seat (available in the Resort 300 model only.  Surrounds are sold separately.


The Sportster 140​
The Sportster 140 is perfect for 1-2 people and ideal for those with space confinements.  
Capacity: 1-2                  Height:  24"
Outer Diameter: 59"        Number of Jets: 4
Inner Diameter: 50"         Gallons:  140

Empty weight: 50 lbs       Locking lid:  20 bs
HydroMate® 40 lbs          Filled weight: 1445 lbs
Dead Weight Floor Loading: 125 lbs per square foot.

The Executive 220

The Executive 220 is ideal for up to 4 people without compromising living space.

Capacity: 2-4                 Height:  24"
Outer Diameter:  71"     Number of Jets: 5
Inner Diameter:  60"      Gallons:  220

Empty Weight:  70 lbs   Locking lid:  25 lbs
HydroMate®  40 lbs      Filled weight:  2120 lbs

​Dead Weight Floor Loading:  125 lbs per square foot.


Softub® is delivered right to your home and the set-up is truly as easy as 1...2...3

Everything is included.  Available in 8 exterior colors to compliment any decor outside or inside.

Softub® is available in three model sizes to meet your requirements