The Softu​b Portico   $6495

The latest and greatest in the Softub Family!  The Portico is the same size and dimensions of the Softub 300 listed below but with extra upgraded features including a larger hydrotherapy seat with lumbar jets and the new Poseidon jet!  The Poseidon can adjust the airflow to create the most powerful jet in the hot tub industry.  

8The Executive 220   $4895

The Executive 220 is ideal for up to 4 people without compromising living space.

Capacity: 2-4                 Height:  24"
Outer Diameter:  71"     Number of Jets: 5
Inner Diameter:  60"      Gallons:  220

Empty Weight:  70 lbs   Locking lid:  25 lbs
HydroMate®  40 lbs      Filled weight:  2120 lbs

​Dead Weight Floor Loading:  125 lbs per square foot.


Softub® is delivered right to your home and the set-up is truly as easy as 1...2...3

Everything is included.  Available in 8 exterior colors to compliment any decor outside or inside.  (Portico has different color choices with upgraded Syntex vinyl listed in it's brochure above)

I'Deal Softub Spas

This is just how easy a Softub® is to install


​With your purchase, you get the Softub®, HydroMate® Power Pak, Sealed High Density Insulated Cover, Security Locking straps, Underwater LED illumination and Therapy Seat (available in the Resort 300 model only.  Surrounds are sold separately.

The Sportster 140​   $3895
The Sportster 140 is perfect for 1-2 people and ideal for those with space confinements.  
Capacity: 1-2                  Height:  24"
Outer Diameter: 59"        Number of Jets: 4
Inner Diameter: 50"         Gallons:  140

Empty weight: 50 lbs       Locking lid:  20 bs
HydroMate® 40 lbs          Filled weight: 1445 lbs
Dead Weight Floor Loading: 125 lbs per square foot.

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The Resort 300   $5495

With 5 adjustable jets and 2 jets strategically placed to target those hard to reach places, The Resort 300 is the ultimate in luxury.  This model comes standard with a built-in "therapy seat".  This is a slightly raised semi-circle platform that allows for a heightened seat position with 2 of the 7 jets vertically positioned along the liner wall behind the therapy seat.  The Resort 300 accommodates up to 6 people. 

Capacity:  4-6                    Height:  27"
Outer Diameter:  78"         Number of Jets: 7
Inner Diameter:  66"          Gallons:  300

Empty Weight:  80 lbs       Locking lid:  30 lbs

HydroMate  40 lbs             Filled weight:  2744 lbs

Dead weight floor loading 140 lbs per square foot.


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Portico Brochure     Portico Spec Sheet



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