Spring 2016

We're so excited!  Many thanks.  Outstanding experience. --Jim & Janet Orey

A pain-free exercise from beginning to end!  Many thanks.  --Ellen & Andre Vancoller

Excellent Product.  love my sales people.  Proud to be a Softub owner!  --Terry Hammonds

Your customer service is great.The Softub is great, we have used it almost every day.Thanks for everything. --Shane Roberts

WE LOVE IT!!!  --Tom & Peggy Thomas

We love it.  Thank you. --Mike Tatum

March, 2015

I really appreciate your lack of "hard sell".  That is one major reason I made the decision to buy the Softub.

Barbara Hanson

August 30, 2014


Thank you for thinking of us.  We relocated to Escondido 3 years ago and we brought the Softub with us.  It is still working well outside of a few blemishes on the cover.(purchased May 2005)  Still one of the best purchases we have made. 

Jo and Rick Vroman.

August, 1, 2013

Hello Amy!

Saul and I are very happy to be among those who have "taken the plunge" and purchased a Softub and so proud we chose IDeal Softub!  We have had our Softub for only a few weeks and admit that we've "taken a dip" almost every single night!  It is quite comfortable, very relaxing and refreshing!  We prefer late evening dips for about 30 to 45 minutes.  Thank you for "the brick"--to our amazement, we are truly happy you sent this.  This seat is so comfortable -so cushioned-so sinkable.  You've been wonderful, Amy, always ready to answer our questions and take care of our desires/needs.  It is a pleasure dealing with you!

Saul & Cora Peters

Feb. 5, 2010

Just bought my 2nd Softub after 8 amazing years with my first loyal Softub. I can't do without it. It's in my living room.  I'm in it two hours a day, reading or watching TV.  Amy and everyone at IDeal Softub has been wonderful!

Kimberly Dwight

August 28, 2009

Hot Tub Amy,

We LOVE our Softub.

1.  It was the ONLY major item we took with us when we moved to Spring Creek

2.  It was outdoors in Palmdale exposed to 118 degrees.

3.  It is outdoors here and has seen MINUS 30 degrees.

4.  Most people here have to put their tub down for the winter.  We don't.  It is ready all the time.

5.  We have used the tub when it was zero degrees.  That may sound funny to some, but not to us.  It works and feels sometimes better in the middle of winter.

6.  We have a friend who spent over TWICE what we spent for our Softub.  It is ALWAYS breaking down....ours has NEVER broke down.

Thanks for introducing us to Softub and taking good care of us ever since!  Rick and Joyce Jaskulsky


Better than Outstanding! Best Purchase we have done in years!!!   D. Rowan, Visalia, CA

Great All Around!  I love my Softub!!  B Buckey, Bakersfield, CA

I am very ahppy with my Softub and am in it 2-3 times a day! Cummimgs, Prunedale, CA

Outstanding!  Adaer, Big Pine, CA

I was amazed how fast it was set up--and by himself! I'm loving my Softub! K. Ross

We love it!  Just wish it hadn't taken us so long to decide!  M. Hill, Newman, CA

Everything from presentation to set up was great.  Even having to get the light fixed was done without any frustration.  You all are great.  Thank you. B. Gerber, California City, CA

We're thrilled with our new Softub! You're right, we're in it all the time.  :) Akalin

The spa is put away for the summer while we travel.  We will be back enjoying it in the Fall.  We love the ease of putting it away, Thanks for everything. McClelland, Yuma, AZ

Simple and easy from ordering to set up! This is my second Softub.  I finally "retired" my original Softub after 13 wonderful years! I bought the thermal blanket and the tub stays warmer longer with less heat calls. I live in Mammoth and my Softub stays hot all year even in our coldest climate.  Gary Cotter, Mammoth, CA.


A picture is worth a thousand words.  The day before Thanksgiving, we were in a serious bind.  See, we are a new church plant in Lancaster, CA, and we had been doing various things like taking people to lakes, public pools and using troughs to baptize people.  This particular week, we knew that at least 2 people wanted to be baptized into evcerlasting life in Christ, but we didn't have any of the options that were normally available to us.  And, with the holiday week, we were sure that our options would be very limited.  However, with quick email response and a heart of gold, Amy from IDEAL SOFTUB came through for us.  She was able to have a rep get us a softub with a VERY short notice, she gave us an amazing deal, and within two days we had a softub ready to go in our own back yard, just in time to baptize those eager to submit to Christ.  We have been using the tub faithfully ever since, including for times of recreation with men's and women's gatherings.  This is a fantastic tub, easy to get ready, and easy on the bank account.  But it is fantastic!  Thanks Amy & IDEAL SOFTUB.  Here's our first baptism of 2014 in an IDEAL SOFTUB.

Craig Greatman


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Now that's a delivery!

Selling and servicing Softubs in Lancaster, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, Tehachapi, Bakersfield, Kernville, Visalia, Fresno, Las Vegas and surrounding areas.


Hi, I have just recently lost a beloved member of the family, my T-300.  She was going on 18 years old, her innerskin was wrinkled and faded, her motor was noisy and an occasional squeal was heard.  So, like a good father I had to put her to rest.  I miss her dearly.  But the good news is you are coming to my town, Visalia, next month for the home show.  I look forward to welcoming my new family member.

Thanks for a fantastic product!

Larry Allen

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